TeachMe-IT Training Services

Offers the customer a bespoke design and delivery of IT tuition covering the subjects you want and need at a speed and rate of delivery to suit all ages and abilities. Covering most geographical regions across the Greater Manchester area with a flexible and mobile team of highly experienced, professional and caring tutors.

Computer Basics

Tuition is available to people of all ages and abilities, providing straightforward friendly help using jargon-free terms that aim to get you quickly enjoying the advantages of your computer and the internet.

Support and Training

Discover the techniques necessary to enjoy using software packages to fulfil your needs and be aware about threats from the Internet with scams and viruses, learning how to protect yourself.

Skills in the Office

With many years of Office Management experience we can offer help to new (and older) businesses with the design and implementation of modern administrative systems and procedures for the modern office

CV's and Career Guidance

Finding, changing jobs or aiming for a promotion can be exciting, challenging and sometimes a daunting process. A professional, well-written and appropriate CV is crucial for successfully landing that job.

Bespoke Content

We work with you to identify your needs and ensure that you are satisfied and agree with the proposed solution. This will then provide a cost effective solution to training either individuals or a class.

Embedded Skills

Integrating literacy, language and numeracy with vocational and other skills, provides learners with the confidence, competence and motivation necessary for them to progress and succeed in life and work.

About us

TeachMe-IT can provide a wide range of digital and other skills training across many personal levels, this can vary from providing a very basic one off hour consultation to someone, through to facilitating an integrated course over several weeks. Which may incorporate a range of embedded skills.

Any training outcome is very much dependent upon the course requirements and the following contents list may help someone when enquiring about using TeachMeIT in reflecting the range of services we can offer.

Course Design Considerations

*Course objective and outcome (Customer Defined)

*Length and duration of training

*Location and facilities available/required

*Training materials and resource design required

*Course administration and management

*Course handouts and materials

Embedded Skills:



Leadership/Management Skills.


Multicultural Sensitivity/Awareness.




Communications Skills (listening, verbal, written).


Computer Skills.



Across many projects TeachMe-IT continues to build upon its success in delivering training and tuition that is carefully designed to meet the needs of the client, tailoring the delivery style to the demands of the subject.

At Home

Mobile Service across Greater Manchester

At Home

Use Technology Safely

At Home

Hobbies and Interests

At Home

Learn New Skills

In the Community

Design and Delivery of Training

In the Community

Supporting Learners

In the Community

All Ages and Abilities

In the Community

Themed Instruction ie "Digital Inclusion"


Although not exhaustive below is a "taste" of the subjects and topics that TeachMe-IT currently delivers.

If not give us a call to discuss any other proposals, or ideas you may have - we can only say "yes" !

Basics & Security

The foundation of using modern technology

Learn how to confidently use your equipment, discovering how to connect to and safely access the internet and communicate via e-mails.

IPads & Tablets

Offering convenience, freedom and flexibility

Discover the range of products and services that you can directly access, including taking photographs and sending them to friends.

Laptops & Packages

Using technology for more serious applications

Maximise software that is installed upon your laptop or computer, to produce a range of documents for personal or business use.

Computers & Hardware

Ensuring your “kit” meets your requirements

Understand how to select, install, setup and use software and hardware to enable you to fulfill a specific task or purpose.

Happy Clients

Successful Projects

Supportive Staff

Responsive Solutions

We provide a high quality and excellent service at a very reasonable price and will gladly provide a written competitive quotation for the facilitation of bespoke classes.

Confident of our service level, we offer a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

(T&C's may apply)


To offer further insight into the training courses we have run, here are a selection of some of our past projects.

Homeless Support

The Wellspring in Stockport

Frequently we take computers for granted but some have little experience of them but teach someone to use google maps, to show you where their home used to be, teach them to search and find a telephone number and then how to create a CV and apply for a job, teach someone how to create an email address and email their son or daughter how they have been.

My Care My Choice

Learning Disability Resource Centre in Stockport

It is challenging but rewarding adapting to an individual’s needs, the visually impaired using screen readers, accessing the computer through a special keyboard rather than a mouse. People with a physical disability may not be able to use a mouse, so they interact via a keyboard and other individuals may need support through other identified interventions.

Workclub & Mentoring

JNR8 & Community Centre in Whalley Range

Working with anyone to be successful in job searching basically involves the application of a range of skills and strategies which result in you finding work, CV writing relates to your ability to demonstrate in writing that you have the skills, knowledge and experience, interviews are about your interpersonal, verbal and non-verbal communication skills.


Housing Assoc: One Manchester in Manchester Area

Jobseekers were made welcome at the weekly job clubs, which were presented in a friendly and informal way. Attending the service was aimed to help change customer lives for the better, with expert help and advice supporting and guiding job seekers through their job searching, helping with job applications and complemented by the computer and CV workshops.

Right to Control

Job Centre across Stockport

The pilot was designed to enable disabled people to pool resources through funding streams – and through Access to Work. TeachMe-IT supported a client’s wish to return to work, mentoring them with skills such as teamwork, communication and problem solving, building confidence along with the updating of computer skills and the production of a quality CV.

Digital Inclusion

Housing Assoc: YHG across North West

At a time when the UK is moving to ‘digital by default’, over 12 million people still lack basic digital skills and by providing IPad training these housing association tenants were enabled to safely access and interact with on line providers, discovering the benefits from shopping around for the best in goods and services, an opportunity that changed lives.

Digitally Devine

Housing Assoc: YHG in Stockport

The fact is that there is a huge crossover between those who are digitally excluded, those who are socially excluded and by offering a digital “drop in” local residents were able to receive help with technical issues in accessing the growing number of on-line services and the opportunity to meet and interact with others in a social and friendly environment.

Computers in the Community

The Westcroft Centre in Burnage

Digital inclusion can improve the social determinants of health - with better digital skills improving prospects for employment, income generation, educational achievement, and social connections. 52% of participants reported that they felt less lonely or isolated, and 62% felt happier as a result of more social contact. – Tinder Foundation

Links and Connections

Listed below are useful links to other organisations that "can also make a difference"

Well being

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    Digital Inclusivity

  • Website: www.saferinternet.org.uk
  • Website: www.tinderfoundation.org.uk
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  • Website: www.ancestry.co.uk
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